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Mark Skin


Mark Skin is a licensed and BBP certified tattoo artist with over ten years experience. He has been tattooing in the North Seattle/Snohomish area for the last 8 years or so.  In 2019, Mark and his wife Amanda moved to Camano Island.  They are happy to finally have a house and yard of their own. Together they enjoy gardening, cooking and entertaining their playful young cat "Precious".  Mark Skin's favorite tattoo styles are dot shading and color. Especially watercolor style with bright colors and painterly brushstrokes. Mark's favorite themes are nature based, PNW landscapes, forest animals and ocean creatures.  He is open to cover-up projects and prefers a consult to discuss options. Visit Mark's instagram to see his recent tattoo portfolio. Drop by the shop to view available designs. Mark has an educational background in fine arts and enjoys painting in his spare time. 

Our Collection

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